”We know it’s possible. We know how. We make peace.”

Our work at the international leadership development and peace research center, Human Dignity A Center For Leadership, serves the overarching goal to lead the way to a world in peace.

The easiest and most effective way to achieve peace, sustainable growth and development––at global, national, regional, local or group level, and even in a family––is to develop the leader. To be a leader is an honourable and complex mission that requires insight into how relations, emotional communication and goals directly relate to peace and unity or conflict and war.

That is why we develop and educate leaders, peace mediators, politicians, officials and others, from all over the world here at our center in the beautiful town of Sollefteå in the middle of Sweden. We also study the effect of the leadership development to find and share the recipes for peace and development and to transform the purpose and role of research.

When we have the recipe for peace we will share it with everybody, because it will be equally important to the general public as to the leaders of the world.


Peace Is The Mission

We who make up Human Dignity are the founder Annika Sundbom Åström, Leadership Developer, Group Developer and Author, and the partner Mathilda Lindgren, Peace Researcher and Communicator.

– ”I have worked with and refined my leadership development of others by constantly leading the way through my own development and by systematically studying the processes and effects. It is my conviction and responsibility that we create peace from ourselves, as the very basis for how we collectively create peace in the family as well as in relation to the larger world. Through the help of Mathilda’s ability to shed light on my expertise, I can see more clearly how great the need is to develop leaders locally, nationally and internationally. This is namely how we create world peace.” / Annika Sundbom Åström 21 November 2017

–”My work as a peace researcher has developed a lot since I started collaborating with and studying the processes of Annika, following closely her leadership development and its effects. For example, it is now clear to me how important my role as a researcher is as not just an observer but as an active participant who with my intention can create further peace development while advancing our collective understanding of the same.” / Mathilda Lindgren 21 November 2017


Human Dignity A Center For Leadership